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10 Best Period/Sanitary Pads for Every Size, Shape, and Fee

10 Best Period/Sanitary Pads for Every Size, Shape, and Fee


For girls experiencing their first menstrual cycle, it is essential to introduce them to user-friendly options like sanitary pads, which are less intimidating than menstrual cups or tampons. However, selecting the right sanitary pad can be complicated, given the various options available, including thickness, wings, scents, and more.


Each variety caters to unique preferences and needs, making the choice a tedious task. Here's a guide to help you choose the best period pads.

Choosing The Right Sanitary Pad

Choosing the best sanitary pads amidst numerous options may seem daunting, but knowing your preferences and needs is key. Consider these factors to make an informed choice for comfortable and hygienic periods.

Familiarise yourself with your periods

Choosing the right sanitary pad depends on your menstrual flow, which can vary from light to heavy throughout your period. Assess the nature of your flow during these days; if it varies, opt for XL or XXL pads on heavy flow days.


Intense physical activity during your period can also affect the flow. So, choose pads accordingly to prevent leaks. On lighter flow days, regular pads suffice. Understanding your menstrual cycle is essential for selecting the best sanitary pads.

The Pad Material

The extra sensitive skin around the vagina is easily prone to rashes, especially during the period days. It is essential to choose a sanitary pad made from natural materials like cotton, hemp, or bamboo to avoid irritation or friction. Pads made of 100% cotton offer excellent breathability and absorbency.


These features control the odor and bacterial growth. Organic pads are skin-friendly, highly absorbent, and free from harsh chemicals. They keep the skin dry all through the day and keep you comfortable. Prioritizing pad material is important for comfort and skin health during menstruation.


Efficient management of your menstrual flow depends on the capability of your best period pads to absorb the flow. The pad should lock away the fluid keeping you dry and comfortable while preventing leaks and discomfort during your periods.

Best Selling Azah Sanitary Pads

Azah best period pads are designed to align with the unique needs and preferences of every woman during her period days. These best pads ensure that you remain comfortable during the period days by keeping the area below dry throughout the day.


Here are some of the best-selling Azah Sanitary Pads that you can choose as per your needs.

Cotton Sanitary Rash-free Pads With Disposable Bags

These pads are available in regular as well as XL sizes. The regular size is suitable for low to medium flow, and the XL size is suitable for medium to heavy flow. The features of these best period pads are:


  • Azah cotton sanitary pads are made from 100% organic cotton with maximum breathability and improved air circulation.
  • These pads guarantee a rash-free experience and are suitable for all skin types.
  • The contents of Azah best sanitary pads are of high quality with extra-absorbability. It is 4 times more absorbent than any average pad and is ideal for women with heavy flow.
  • The pads are eco-friendly and are free from skin irritants and harsh chemicals.
  • Each pad comes with a disposable bag and is convenient to discard after use.

Organic Cotton Rash-Free Sanitary Pads-Super Saver Box of 60 pads

If you have factored in your menstrual flow and are aware of the number of pads you need for a period cycle, you can go for this super saver box, which is available at a discounted rate. The features of this combo are:

  • It has a combination of 30 XL pads and 30 Regular pads.
  • It helps manage heavy flow during the first 2 or 3 days and then low flow on the other days of the period.
  • It will be economical to buy the super saver box instead of buying the XL and Regular size pads separately.

Organic Cotton Rash-Free Sanitary Pads Plus Panty Liners

This combo is ideal for women who have medium to heavy flow during the period days and have vaginal discharge on the other days. The features of this combo are

  • It is a combination of 30 XL sanitary pads and 40 panty liners for everyday use. This will prevent the odour from the daily discharge while protecting you during the period days.
  • The panty liners are ultra-thin and made of high quality organic cotton.
  • They are soft and gentle on your skin.
  • Every layer of the panty liner is perforated and breathable. It enables good air circulation and helps maintain daily hygiene.

Azah XXXL Night Pads

Heavy flow during the already difficult days can be overwhelming. You will be  highly stressed on these days and constantly worried about leaks. It is ideal to go for Azah XXXL Night Pads which are highly absorbent and will provide you with the extra protection needed. The features of these period pads for women are:


  • These extra-absorbent pads provide you with the utmost comfort and prevent leaks as they absorb the heavy flow through the night efficiently. Switch to Azah XXXL Night Pads for no-leak worries nights.
  • The pads are extra long and extra wide and provide a wider coverage. Being extra absorbent, these best period pads will keep you dry all night. They are 5 times more effective than regular sanitary pads
  • Azah Night Pads are hypoallergenic and are safe for your skin. They are suitable for all skin types.
  • Made from 100% cotton material, these pads give you a rash-free experience on those difficult days.
  • While the extra length and width ensure maximum protection from leaks both at the back and front, the wide wings wrap around the underwear to prevent leakage at the sides.

Azah Maternity Pads

Worrying about the leaks and stains that postpartum bleeding causes should not deprive you of those happy moments with your child. Azah Maternity Pads designed for heavy and lasting flow will provide you with the extra protection needed for heavy bleeding after childbirth. The features of Azah Maternity Pads are:


  • They are made from 100% cotton and non-woven material
  • They have broad wings and are ideal for heavy flow. They can absorb up to 500 ml of flow.
  • These XXXL pads are 420 mm long with a wide back extension that provides leakage protection and staining. Their quick absorbing feature will keep you dry for long hours.
  • It does not contain harmful chemicals like dioxins, chlorine, or artificial fragrances.

Azah Maternity Pads Plus Disposable Period Panties

This combo is a pack of 25 Azah Maternity Pads and 6 Period Panties. The features of this combo are:


  • The Azah Maternity Pads with high absorbency and wider coverage give you the extra protection needed for the postpartum heavy flow. It also prevents stains and leaks while keeping you dry down there for longer hours.
  • The disposable period panties absorb 600 ml of flow to provide zero leaks, and a good night’s sleep without stain-stress, and dryness through the night.
  • The period panties are made of flexible waistbands that keep you comfortable and provide all round protection from leaks and stains.
  • The Maternity pads are for the day and the disposable panties are for the night so that you can sleep peacefully without stain stress.

Azah Panty Liners

Azah Panty Liners are for light discharge, spotting or when you are working out. The features of Azah Panty Liners are:


  • Made of organic cotton, these panty liners give a soft and comfortable feeling.
  • They are lightweight, perforated, and breathable.
  • Your movement will not be restricted with these panty liners on.
  • You do feel like having worn something down there. The panty liners are delicately designed.


The period pads for women are a convenient and user-friendly way to handle menstrual flow. They are the most preferred choice as they can be worn for longer hours and are less intrusive.. While selecting the best period pads you will have to consider features like the material of the pad, the coverage, the length and width, and broad wings for leakage protection. With the right sanitary pad, your difficult period days can turn out to be comfortable and hygienic.


How frequently should the sanitary pads be changed?

Whether you have a light flow or a heavy flow, changing the sanitary pads 3 to 4 times a day is a good practice for good hygiene during those days.


How many pads do we normally need in a day?

The number of pads needed will depend on the extent of flow and the pad you are using. Ideally, you may require 3 to 4 pads a day.


When does the flow be the heaviest during periods?

Normally the flow on the 1st and 2nd day will be the heaviest. It again varies from individual to individual.


Why does the first day of the period seem worse than the other days?

The muscles and blood vessels of the uterus contract during periods. The contraction is the highest on the first day, which makes you feel worse on the first day.


Do periods become more manageable with age?

For most women after 40, the period is manageable. The flow becomes lighter and easily manageable with age.

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