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Azah Feather Touch Face Razors helps remove facial hair, upper lips, peach fuzz, etc. quickly and efficiently without any scratch or pain. These razors have meticulously designed, double-curved German stainless steel blades that curve the skin back while using and eliminate any chances of cuts. The ergonomic handle provides a non-slip, comfortable grip for good control and ease of use. These women's face razors not only remove the hair growth but also remove the dead skin layer leaving behind soft, supple and radiant skin. This allows your make-up to be applied flawlessly and your skincare products to penetrate deeper. The package includes 3 reusable facial razors, along with protective caps that keep the blades clean and hygienic for safe use. After use, just gently wipe clean the blade, put back the cap and you are good to go! Your salon can easily go with you wherever you need it. What are you waiting for? Say goodbye to painful waxing/threading trips and get the Azah Face Razors!
Azah Feather Touch Face & Eyebrow Razor for Women
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