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Get Upto 45% Off! Hurry, Checkout Today’s Deals Before They Are Gone!
Get Upto 45% Off! Hurry, Checkout Today’s Deals Before They Are Gone!

Azah XXXL Pads Box of 50 (Azah Ultra-Absorbent Night Pads)

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Product Description


Azah XXXL Pads

Do you experience extra-heavy flow, making your difficult days even more stressful? It is time to switch to Azah Ultra-Absorbent Night Pads!

Key Features

The key features of the Azah XXXL pads are:

  • Use XXXL pads for no-leak worry.
  • The Azah extra-long sanitary pads are perfect for heavy-flow days.
  • The ultra-absorbent technique of XXXL pads will keep you dry all night.
  • Azah pads are extra long and extra wide for all-around coverage.
  • Azah XXXL pads are hypoallergenic and certified for skin safety.
  • Made from organic cotton material for a 100% rash-free experience.
  • RASH-FREE PERIOD PROMISE : If you get skin rashes from our pads - You get your money back, No question asked.

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    Advantages of Using Azah XXXL Pads

    No more tossing and turning through the night. With the comfort of Azah Ultra-Absorbent Night Pads, the XXXL pads will tactfully capture the ‘extra-heavy flow’ through the night.

    Benefits of XXXL Pads

    Listed below are some proven benefits of Azah Ultra-Absorbent Night Pads

    • All-Night Protection - With Azah Ultra-Absorbent Night Pads you no longer worry about leaks and stains. Say goodbye to sleepless period nights as you enjoy 100% leak protection with ultra-absorbent, extra-long night pads.
    • Extra Long and Wide Wings - The Azah XXXL Pads Organic Cotton Sanitary Pads for Heavy Flow feature the perfect extra long with wide wings design. It is 420 mm in length and comes with an absorption capacity of 500 ml, ideal for managing heavy flow.
    • All-Around Protection - The extra-long length and width of the pad ensures maximum coverage and protection from leaks both at the front and back ends. Moreover, the wide wing design incorporates secure wings that wrap around underwear for enhanced side-to-side leakage protection. Its ultra-absorbency makes it 5 times more effective than a regular sanitary pad.

    Why Use Night Pads

    While sanitary pads are an absolute must for period hygiene, choosing the right pad can maximize its benefits. Here are some notable reasons why Azah Ultra-Absorbent Night Pads stand apart from other regular sanitary products:

    • Organic Cotton Material - The Azah sanitary napkins are made from 100% organic cotton and non-woven material. Made from multiple layers of super-absorbent sheets, the XXXL pads are super soft for added comfort.
    • Skin Friendly - Azah Ultra-Absorbent Night Pads are India’s first MADE SAFE-certified sanitary napkins. They are hypoallergenic and skin safe as they are free from any chemical and harmful toxins like chlorine, dioxins, and artificial fragrances. This ensures a 100% rash-free period experience.
    • Odor Free - The Azah XXXL Pads Organic Cotton Sanitary Pads for Heavy Flow are specially designed to remain odor-free throughout their use. Its high-quality absorbent materials are set together as breathable layers that allow air to pass freely. This minimizes the growth of odor-causing bacteria. The breathable top layer further ensures an absolutely dry feel throughout which minimizes bacterial growth.

    Who Can Use Azah XXXL Pads

    Here’s a list of groups who can use Azah Ultra-Absorbent Night Pads:

    • All-Night Comfort - Azah Ultra-Absorbent Night Pads are specifically designed for all-around comfort on period nights. The XXXL pads ensure enhanced protection and period comfort for a comfortable sleep and a happy morning-after.
    • Women With Heavy Period Flow - The XXXL pads are specifically designed for use during heavy flow days. With its 500 ml absorption capacity, it is 5 times more effective than a regular sanitary pad. Therefore, it is best suited for women who experience heavy flow days.
    • Long Travel Days - Working women or those traveling for extended hours during period days can use Azah Ultra-Absorbent Night Pads for enhanced protection and safety from leaks and stains. The extra-long and wide design provides all-around protection.
    • Women With Sensitive Skin - The area down there is sensitive. Moisture trapping with use of regular plastic-lined sanitary napkins increases the risk of rashes and infections. Using sanitary pads made from 100% organic cotton material protects the sensitive area. The Azah sanitary pads are hypoallergenic and skin safe.

    • After Delivery Use - Azah Ultra-Absorbent Night Pads are the perfect ones for post-delivery use when the flow is heavy. Also, its soft-cotton material provides comfort and cushioning to the area. The absolutely dry feel also keeps the area around the stitches dry.

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    How often should I change the Azah XXXL pad?

    The Azah XXXL pad is extra-long and made from super-absorbent material. You can safely wear it for 6-8 hours, or change it earlier as per individual flow requirements.

    Do Azah XXXL pads have a big, bulky feel?

    Azah XXXL pads are extra-long and extra-wide for all-around absorption, but they are made from super-fine, 100% organic cotton material that takes the shape of body contours and does not give a big, bulky feel.

    Are Azah XXXL pads suitable for postpartum use?

    Yes, Azah XXXL pads are extra-long and extra wide, providing comprehensive coverage from stains and leaks. Furthermore, they are made from super-fine organic cotton material that provides extra support and cushioning to the stitches and sensitive skin.

    How much can the Azah XXXL pad absorb?

    Each Azah XXXL pad can absorb up to 40 ml of period discharge.

    How long is the Azah XXXL pad?

    Azah XXXL pad is 420 mm long. It is extra wide at the back and comes with wings for side-to-side protection.