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Get Upto 45% Off! Hurry, Checkout Today’s Deals Before They Are Gone!

Azah Rash-Free Sanitary Pads With Disposable Bag (Pack of 90)

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Product Description


Azah Organic Cotton Sanitary Pads are made with 100% organic cotton for unmatched softness and maximum comfort. Our ultra-thin, breathable design enhances airflow while locking moisture. Our non-toxic pads offer completely rash-free period experience and are suitable for all skin types. These organic cotton pads are 4 times more absorbent than average pads, and are perfect for heavy flow. We're proud to be India's first Made Safe certified brand and are even tested by the SGS labs to be 100% free of phthalates, ensuring our eco-friendly pads are free from all carcinogens and other harmful chemicals. 

  • 100% ORGANIC COTTON: The ultra-soft Azah sanitary pads are made of ethically sourced high-quality organic cotton. The long fibres make it extra soft and highly absorbent. 

  • RASH-FREE GUARANTEED: Azah organic cotton sanitary pads are made so soft and lightweight that they'll never be the reason for period-related skin rashes. 

  • ABSORBS MORE: Made of ultra-absorbent cotton that locks 4x more than regular pads available in the market. 

  • LEAK-PROOF GUARANTEED: The Azah pad comes with wider wings to ensure that they sit comfortably well and prevent against any kind of leaks.

  • RASH-FREE PERIOD PROMISE : If you get skin rashes from our pads - You get your money back, No question asked.

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How often should I change my sanitary pad?

A sanitary pad must be changed every four hours.

What are the different sizes of sanitary pads?

Sanitary pads are available in three sizes - regular, XL, XXL, and XXXL.

Which sanitary pad size is best for heavy flow?

For daytime use, opt for an XXL size, whereas for use during the night, XXXL size provides maximum protection.

How to dispose off sanitary pads?

Sanitary pads must not be flushed. The best way to dispose of a used sanitary pad is to roll it, put it in a disposable bag, and throw it in the garbage bin.

Are sanitary pads biodegradable?

Organic cotton sanitary pads are biodegradable.

Which sanitary pad is eco-friendly?

Sanitary pads made from organic cotton material, bamboo pulp, or wood pulp are eco-friendly.

How many sanitary pads are used per menstrual cycle?

It is advisable to change the sanitary pad every 4-6 hours. This makes it 4-6 pads per day multiplied by your period duration.

What is the length of a regular sanitary pad?

The Azah regular-sized sanitary pad is 280 mm long.