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How To Choose The Right Sanitary Pad For You?

How To Choose The Right Sanitary Pad For You?

Comfort and hygiene are very crucial during your menstrual cycle. Choosing the right sanitary pads that fit your requirements is an essential aspect. With a plethora of options available in the market making a choice can be considerably difficult.


For an informed decision, understanding your needs and preferences is imperative. Read on to get an awareness as to how to choose the right sanitary pads and the factors to consider.

What To Consider While Choosing The Sanitary Pads?

Every woman has her own unique qualities. Similarly, her body’s response to the menstrual cycle is equally distinct. Sanitary pads are designed to match these distinct responses. The multitude of period pads for women available in the market are  based on the unique body responses of women during menstruation.


The choice of a sanitary pad depends on your personal preferences and should align with your body composition and menstrual needs.


Skin type, body shape, and menstrual flow are the basic factors that guide you to choose  sanitary pads. The definition of an ideal sanitary pad may vary from one woman to another.


To help you with your confusion about how to choose the right sanitary pad, the following points have to be taken into account.

Understanding your menstrual flow

For an informed choice of sanitary pads, the basic requirement is to understand your menstrual flow. The flow is not the same on all days of your periods. The flow may fluctuate during the day and night as well.


Being aware of these changes is highly essential for you to choose the right pad. Also, the quantity of sanitary pads required should be noted. During the first two days, you might have to change your pads frequently. This depends on the extent of the flow.


So, understanding this aspect will help you go for the right pack size to make your buy economical.  By effectively catering to your unique needs during your  periods, the sanitary pads you choose will help you have comfort with hygiene during menstruation.

Your Skin Type

If you have sensitive skin, synthetic sanitary pads can be uncomfortable. The constant friction of the material with your skin can cause rashes that can be painful. You need to understand this factor and go for sanitary pads that are made of soft material preferably cotton.


You can find sanitary pads made of 100% cotton or organic cotton which are soft, smooth, and gentle on your skin. These pads are generally rash-free pads and do not contain harmful chemicals or artificial fragrances.

Extent of Flow

For your period days to be comfortable, choosing the right sanitary pads is crucial. Starting with a regular-sized pad is recommended for your first menstrual cycle.


If you feel that the pad fills up quickly and you need frequent changes, then you can alter your choice to an extra-long pad with better absorbability for your next menstrual cycle. A pad with adhesive tape below will help keep the pad in place and prevent leaks.


If you are constantly worried about leaks your daily activities will be hampered. In such cases, you can go for pads with wings. These wings fold over the edges of your panty. They keep the pad in place and prevent leaks.


For women with heavy flow, extra-absorbent and long pads with wings are recommended. With these sanitary pads, you can run, work, and sleep peacefully keeping your worries about leaks aside.


How absorbent the sanitary pad is the next thing to consider. This will help you decide whether you need a regular pad or an extra-absorbent pad. You should choose a pad that will absorb well without giving scope for leaks and backflow.


Some women use a combination of pads. Regular pads for those days when the flow is normal and extra-absorbent for the days when the flow is high.

Nature of Activity

The sanitary pad you choose also depends on the nature of activities you are engaged in during your period days. If you have a workout routine which you cannot miss, then using a pad with wings will help. Strenuous physical activities during periods can increase the flow.


If you have any demanding physical activities to do during menstruation, you should use extra-absorbent pads.

Flow Duration

The duration of the flow can range between 3 to 7 days. The pack size to choose from depends on the flow duration. Estimating the number of pads you need per cycle will help you go for the right pack size.

Impact on Environment

Giving a thought about the impact on the environment is essential since the use of sanitary pads is a recurring process. Using sanitary pads that are made of biodegradable material break down easily and reduce the ecological footprint.

Sizes of Sanitary Pads Available

Sanitary pads are available in various sizes to align with individual preferences.

●     Regular Pads

Regular pads are widely used. They are suitable for individuals with low flow. On heavy flow days, you might have to change the pad frequently. An adhesive tape below will keep the pad in place and prevent leakage.

●     Large Pads

Large pads are ideal for medium flow. Large pads with wings keep them in place and prevent leakage.

●     Extra-Large Pads

Extra-large pads are much thicker and longer for better absorption. These pads are designed for heavy flow days or those with heavy bleeding during the night.

●     XXL Pads

XXL pads are much thicker and provide more coverage than all the other sizes. For women with heavy bleeding and clots, XXL pads are the best suited. These sanitary pads also have added features like extra length, coverage, and wings to prevent leaks.

●     Panty Liners

Panty liners are generally slim and lighter. They are not suitable for absorbing menstrual blood but are ideal for daily use when there is a vaginal discharge or spotting.


Selecting the perfect sanitary pads is a personalised ordeal. Awareness of the flow, comfort, and eco-consciousness are the factors that help you choose the right sanitary pad. Explore options, assess your preferences and needs, and keep priority and hygiene on top of the list to choose the ideal sanitary pad for a comfortable and stress-free menstrual experience.


How to assess the right sanitary pad size?

You should factor in your period flow to assess your pad size.


Which sanitary pad is ideal for a first-time menstrual cycle?

Regular sanitary pads are suggested for a first-time menstrual cycle.


How frequently should the sanitary pad be changed?

The frequency of sanitary pad change depends on the flow. For a normal flow you need 3 to 4 sanitary pads changed every 4 hours.


What are the important factors to be considered while choosing sanitary pads?

Leakage protection and comfort are the important factors to be considered when choosing sanitary pads.


Is using a single pad okay if the flow is very low?

Using a single pad throughout the day is not good as bacteria may build up. It is hygienically good to change the pad every 3 to 4 hours.

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