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Use Code : AZAH10 and get Extra 10% Off on your first order. (Min Order Rs.500)
Use Code : AZAH10 & get 10% off on your 1st order.

Azah Organic Sanitary Pads | The Rash-free Pad

Ultra-soft. Super Dry. Chemical Free.

The Rash-free Pad

Soft, Thin & Absorbent

Bundle of 2 Boxes of 30 pads

India's First MADE SAFETM certified Sanitary Pad

Tested by Safe Cosmetics Australia to be free from harmful irritants & chemicals that shouldn't be in contact with sensitive areas of the body

Suitable for sensitive skin

Free from known allergens

Certified Safe

Manufactured inside US FDA approved facilities

Toxin Free

Free from all harmful chemicals

Join the #RashFree revolution

More than 95% of the women reported complete relief from rashes after switching to Azah.