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Get Upto 45% Off! Hurry, Checkout Today’s Deals Before They Are Gone!
Get Upto 45% Off! Hurry, Checkout Today’s Deals Before They Are Gone!

Azah Period Panty for Women - Reusable Period Underwear

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Original price Rs. 699.00
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Current price Rs. 449.00
Size: XX-Large

Product Description


Azah Period Panties for women are designed to provide complete leakage protection and menstrual hygiene with their inbuilt 360 degrees all-round heavy flow protection. This prevents front, back, or side leakage, making it ultra-absorbent when compared to sanitary pads. It is made from soft, breathable material that protects you from irritation and rashes and offers you optimal comfort throughout your periods.

About this item

  • LEAK PROOF PERIOD PANTIES: Azah period panties are embedded with a high coverage leak absorbent layer, which provides 360 degrees all-round protection against the heavy flow, guaranteeing no leakage. 
  • SOFT, BREATHABLE LAYER: Azah Period Underwear is composed of breathable, soft material which protects you from irritation and rashes and provides utmost comfort to you during your periods.
  • IDEAL FOR NIGHT & DAY: It offers comfort and freedom of movement, leaving you free to travel and do more than your daily activities without any hindrance. Wear it day and night for round-the-clock comfort and leakage protection.  
  • REUSABLE & MACHINE WASHABLE: Soak or rinse with cold water when you remove your underwear and then gently hand or machine wash, and hang dry. The material is stain-free in nature and always remains odor-free. 
  • ECONOMICAL & ECO FRIENDLY: Use Azah period panties to replace the hassle involved with other products like pads, menstrual cups, liners or use our product as an added protection. 
  • NON-RETURNABLE POLICY: Please note that certain items are non-returnable; kindly ensure your selection meets your expectations before finalizing your purchase.

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Should I wear a sanitary pad with a period panty?

No, there is no need to wear a pad with a period panty. A period panty is made of absorbent materials that soak all discharge effectively.

How does a period panty work?

A period panty is made of materials that absorb the blood flow. It gives a panty-like feel and 360-degree protection from stains and leakage.

How should I wash my period panties?

Soak and rinse the period panty to flush out all discharge. Thereafter, wash the reusable period panties in mild detergent by hand or in the machine. Hang dry to let it dry completely.

How often should I change my period panties?

It is recommended to change period underwear every 12 hours.

How absorbent is period underwear?

Both disposable and reusable period panties are made of highly absorbent materials. The Azah disposable underwear can soak up to 600 ml of menstrual discharge.

Are period panties bulky to wear?

No, period panties are made of high-quality material that gives a nice snuggly fit. It takes your body shape and does not give a bulky feel under any dress.

Can I use period panties with tampons?

Yes, period panties can be used with tampons and menstrual cups as an extra layer of protection from leakage.

Will period panties smell bad after use?

No, period panties remain odor free. Once washed with soap and water, they give a dry fresh feel again.