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Your Guide to a Rash-Free Period


What are Period Rashes?

Period Rashes, also known as ‘Napkin Dermatitis’ or more simply as ‘Pad Rash’, is a condition wherein the skin near the thighs or groin area becomes itchy, sore, or inflamed during one’s period. It is estimated that seven out of 10 people who menstruate have experienced some form of skin irritation during their period.

Why Do Period Rashes Happen?

1. Skin Sensitivity

Dermatitis, i.e. itchiness, soreness, or rashes, tends to be worse in the areas of the body that has the least protective skin layers. The intimate area (i.e. the groin, thighs, and buttocks) is actually the thinnest (even thinner than our eyelids!) and has just 6 skin layers. This makes that area especially susceptible to irritation.

2. The Nature of Pads

What would happen if you combine one of the most sensitive areas of your body with a thick, plastic, fragrance-filled, chemical-loaded pad? You guessed it, pad rashes. The nature of the pad you use has a huge impact on the extent of rashes you will face. This is because pads often contain:

  • Chemicals or other non-skin-friendly materials in the top sheet of your pad that react badly to your skin
  • Fragrances that can cause an allergic reaction
  • Harmful Adhesives that can rub up against your skin

3. Other External Factors

Other than pads, there are a few other external irritants that can cause rashes. These include excess moisture caused by humidity, friction against your skin because of tight clothes, or wearing your pad for long periods of time.

How Can You Avoid Period Rashes?

1. Cleanliness is Key

Keeping your intimate regions clean is always important but it becomes even more so on your period. It is recommended that you wash out your vagina and vulva with water to prevent the formation of any harmful bacteria. But don’t use any soaps or gels to do this as it may irritate your skin and disrupt the natural pH balance of your vagina. 

2. Change Your Pad

Wearing your pad for longer than the recommended time is a big cause for period rashes. It promotes moisture growth and increases friction, leading to skin irritation. Try to change your pad every 4 to 6 hours.

3. Use a Dusting Powder

Many find that using a dusting/talcum powder is useful to control the moisture build up in your intimate areas, especially in times of high humidity. Make sure that the powder is fragrance free and skin-friendly before applying.

4. Wear Loose Clothing

If you find your skin to be very sensitive and rash-prone, we recommend that you ditch the tight jeans and trousers and instead opt for something looser. (Lucky for you, flowy pants are very trendy now!) This will reduce the friction and allow for increased air flow and breathability, keeping you sweat and rash free!

5. Pro Tip: Switch to Azah!

Azah pads are committed to give you a rash-free period! Made with organic cotton, our pads are free of harmful chemicals and fragrances eliminating risk of allergic reactions. Our unparalleled absorption power further decreases the risk of rashes by keeping you dry and your periods irritation-free!

Rashes are uncomfortable, restrictive, but most importantly they are avoidable! At Azah, our motto is simple: Periods are normal. Rashes are NOT. So don't accept rashes as the unavoidable reality that comes along with periods. Instead, switch to a pad that is made keeping your struggle with rashes in mind. A rash-free (and stress-free!) period is possible!

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